Original Colored Pen and Inks For Sale

Manhattan From Greenpoint, Brooklyn  18"x24" $450 Sold
Tabacos El Roble 18"x24"  Sold
St. Patrick's Cathedral 18"x24" Sold
18_×24_ colored ink drawing on Bristol B
Cigar Guy 18"x24" Sold
18_×24_ colored pen and ink on Bristol B
From a MoMA Gallery 18"x24" $450
18x24 prismacolor pen and ink on Bristol
Park Ave. And 30th.St. 18"x24"  $375
18x24 colored pen and ink on Bristol Boa
59th St. and Central Park West 18"x24" $450
18x24 colored pen and ink of Times Squar
Time's Square 18"x24"  Available $450
18_×24_ colored pen and ink. _Mulberry S

Mulberry St. at Dusk 18"x24" $450

_Old and New_ 18_x24_ colored Pen and In

Old & New  18"x24"  $450

Masked on E. Houston St.  18"x24" $450
Mulberry St. Cigar Co. 18"x24" $450
Mulberry and Grand 18"x24" $425
18_×24_  Colored Pen and Ink on Bristol
9th Ave. And 42nd. St. 18"x24" $450
18_×24_ colored pen and ink on Bristol B
Bleecker and Perry 18"x24" $400
18_×24_ colored ink.jpg
O' Flanagan's 18"x24"  Sold
18x24 inch colored ink on Bristol Board
Union Square Park 18"x24"  Sold
18_×24_ Colored ink on Bristol Board.jpg
le Pain Quotidien 18"x24"  Sold
18_×24_ colored pen and ink of Macdougal
Monte's  18"x24'  Sold
Mulberry and Spring, NYC 18_x24_ colored

Mulberry & Spring, NYC 18"x24" (Sold)

_Bike Riding on Mott St._ 18_x24_ Colore

Biking on Mott St.  18"x24"  $450

Rainy Day on E. Houston  18"x24"  $450
BlueChair, Schiller"s Liquor Bar  18"x 24"  $450
Player's Theatre, MacDougal St.  18"x24"  $450
Heading Home on a Rainy Afternoon 18"x24"  $500
Driving in The Rain on The FDR  18"x24"  Sold
The Grey Dog, Mulberry St.  18"x24"  $450
 Open Doors, St. Patrick'a Cathedral NYC Sold
Walking in Sunshine, Mulberry St.  18"x24"  $450
Rockefeller Center At Christmas 18"x24" (Sold)
Manhattan From Greenpoint Brooklyn 18"x24" $450 Sold
Chai Tea?  24"x18"   $450
Chai Tea?  24"x18"  $450
11x14 colored ink on Paris Paper_edited.
Yesterday's, Warwick NY Sold
Sculpture Garden at MoMA  18"x24"  $450
Hungarian Pastry Shop, NYC 11"x14" ( Sold )
Peace  18"x24"  $450 Sold
Ferrara's, Grand St. NYC 18"x24" $450
NYC Snow Day  18"x24" Brown Ink  $450