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Original Colored Pen and Inks For Sale

Manhattan From Greenpoint, Brooklyn  18"x24" $450 Sold
Tabacos El Roble 18"x24"  Sold
St. Patrick's Cathedral 18"x24" Sold
18_×24_ colored ink drawing on Bristol B
Cigar Guy 18"x24" Sold
18_×24_ colored pen and ink on Bristol B
From a MoMA Gallery 18"x24" Sold
18x24 prismacolor pen and ink on Bristol
Park Ave. And 30th.St. 18"x24"  Sold
18x24 colored pen and ink on Bristol Boa
59th St. and Central Park West 18"x24" $450
18x24 colored pen and ink of Times Squar
Time's Square 18"x24"  Available $450
18_×24_ colored pen and ink. _Mulberry S

Mulberry St. at Dusk 18"x24" $450

_Old and New_ 18_x24_ colored Pen and In

Old & New  18"x24"  $450

Masked on E. Houston St.  18"x24" $450
Mulberry St. Cigar Co. 18"x24" $450
Mulberry and Grand 18"x24" $425
18_×24_  Colored Pen and Ink on Bristol
9th Ave. And 42nd. St. 18"x24" $450
18_×24_ colored pen and ink on Bristol B
Bleecker and Perry 18"x24" $400
18_×24_ colored ink.jpg
O' Flanagan's 18"x24"  Sold
18x24 inch colored ink on Bristol Board
Union Square Park 18"x24"  Sold
18_×24_ Colored ink on Bristol Board.jpg
le Pain Quotidien 18"x24"  Sold
18_×24_ colored pen and ink of Macdougal
Monte's  18"x24'  Sold
Mulberry and Spring, NYC 18_x24_ colored

Mulberry & Spring, NYC 18"x24" (Sold)

_Bike Riding on Mott St._ 18_x24_ Colore

Biking on Mott St.  18"x24"  $450

Rainy Day on E. Houston  18"x24"  $450
BlueChair, Schiller"s Liquor Bar  18"x 24"  $450
Player's Theatre, MacDougal St.  18"x24"  $450
Heading Home on a Rainy Afternoon 18"x24"  $500
Driving in The Rain on The FDR  18"x24"  Sold
The Grey Dog, Mulberry St.  18"x24"  $450
 Open Doors, St. Patrick'a Cathedral NYC Sold
Walking in Sunshine, Mulberry St.  18"x24"  $450
Rockefeller Center At Christmas 18"x24" (Sold)
Manhattan From Greenpoint Brooklyn 18"x24" $450 Sold
Chai Tea?  24"x18"   $450
Chai Tea?  24"x18"  $450
11x14 colored ink on Paris Paper_edited.
Yesterday's, Warwick NY Sold
Sculpture Garden at MoMA  18"x24"  $450
Hungarian Pastry Shop, NYC 11"x14" ( Sold )
Peace  18"x24"  $450 Sold
Ferrara's, Grand St. NYC 18"x24" $450
NYC Snow Day  18"x24" Brown Ink  $450
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