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Original Black and Whte Pen and Inks For Sale

Pen and ink of Manhattan from the Queens

Queensboro Bridge Into Manhattan 14"x17"                            Available $350

Finished with this 18x24 pen and ink _ M

Marge on Hester St. 18"x24"  Sold

18x24 pen and ink _ Katz's Delicatessen.
Broome and Centre St. NYC 18x24 Pen and


Katz,s deli

Katz's Deli 18"x24" Available $450

Broome & Centre St. 18"x24"  Sold

18x24 pen and ink...Intersection of Macd
Macdougal and Bleecker, NYC 18"x24"
                Available  $400
18x24 pen and ink. _ Blonde With Sunglas
Blonde With Sunglasses 18"x24" Sold
18x24 pen and ink. Early morning on Sout
South St. Early Morning 18"x24"
             Available $400
18x24 pen and ink of Mulberry St.NYC  #p
Mulberry St. Little Italy, 18"x24" Sold
15x22 pen and ink_#nycsubway #newyorksub
Lexington Ave. Station 15"x22" Available $375
18x24 pen and ink. Lower Manhattan from
Manhattan From The Brooklyn Bridge 18" x24"
                    Available $400
14x17 Pen and Ink Little Italy, NYC_#pen
11x14 Pen and ink of Macdougal St. In th
Heading 6
Italian Food Center, Little Italy 14"x17"
                 Available $350
Cafe Wha?, Macdougall St. 18"x24" Sold
18x24 pen and ink of Monte's Trattoria,
Monte's, Macdougal St., 18"24" Available $400
18x24 pen and ink. Washington square par
Washington Square Park, 18"x24" Sold
18x24 pen and ink._Music in Washington s
Music in Washington Square Park 18"x24"
                   Available  $400 Sold
Fillmore East, NYC  18"x24"  Sold
18x24 ink on Bristol board. Mulberry St.
Blondes in Sunglasses  18"x24" Available $400
18x20 pen and ink. Sunny Afternoon, Wash
Sunny Day in Washington Square Park                   Available $400           
Puglia's, Hester St. NYC Sold
Mulberry And Hesters Streets, NYC  18"x24"  (Sold)
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